My name is Stacey Kenney and I am a Certified Massage Bodywork Therapist (C.M.B.T.) and the owner of Figure 8's Body Sculpting Spa L.L.C. As a local native of Arizona, I enjoy helping my community and exploring the many corners of the state. Figure 8's Body Sculpting's goal is to help those looking to contour their body or help heal those that have had plastic surgery with a holistic approach, to get that Figure 8. I have always been interested in the beauty industry and I believe it's very important to take care of yourself mentally and physically. I have experience giving traditional massages with relaxation and reflexology approaches. Also, Lymphatic Drainage massage while combining the body contouring Maderoterapia- wood therapy so you can treat your body and your mind. I hope that I'm able to assist in any of your needs whether you have the desire to slim & trim or heal from surgery. My Spa has many services to offer you.  When I'm not with clients, I enjoy spending time with my family and furry pets. I am a animal lover through and through! 



Figure 8’s mission is to provide women and men a non-invasive option to better their figure. Figure 8’s focus is to improve on areas of the body that our customers are not content with. We as a company promote self-love and want our customers to keep in mind to always treat themselves from time to time.  Our mission statement, treat yourself, is a way to remind customers to prioritize their self being and their health and to take time out of their busy schedule to endure in some self care therapy. Some treatments we offer to promote relaxation & relief are Reflexology (focus on pressure points to relieve stress in feet and hands), Rejuvenation Acupressure Facials (relaxation acupressure points in the face followed by Radio Frequency & Red Light Therapy), Post-OP Lymphatic massage (drains lymph ducts of toxins & inflammation), and  T.C.M. Dry Cupping (helps decrease chronic pain). Not only does Figure 8’s Body Sculpting offer relief treatments but also body sculpting treatments that helps increase muscle tone and diminish fat tissue in non-surgical massages. Wood Therapy - Maderoterapia (helps break up stubborn fat tissue pockets shapes & tones), Ultrasound Cavitation (stimulates lipolysis of FFA',s with ultrasound waves), Vacuum Butt/Breast Lift (improves plump look on glutes and breasts). Aside from weight loss, sculpting and alleviation of stress treatments, Figure 8’s has a Nutritionist available for consult by appointment and workout recommendations as well.  I encourage you to take a look around the website and see what treatments most interest YOU.